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2. How to upload an .SRT file on Dailymotion ?
(updated as of September 2015)

Prepare the .srt files in a given folder of you computer
Log in to your Dailymotion profile to be well
recognized as owner of the channel.
Go to the concerned video or episode.

This example is the English-speaking Canadian webisode
4.01 Drinks with Dad
(of LGBT-themed webseries "Out with Dad")

Screen Captures by and courtesy of
© Jason Leaver, Creator/Director of "Out with Dad"

In the description below the video, click on the “Add subtitles” link

This link appears only
if connected as channel owner.
It leads to the "Subtitles settings" page
with an “Upload” button below the video.

Click on the “Upload” button.

- 6.
A small window "Upload subtitles"
appears in superposition on the video.

Click on the arrow to show the language choice

Select the needed language

In this example, we choose "English"
- 7.
Click on the “choose a file” button.
Pick the needed file from your computer folders.

When confirmed and back to the page, it shows a line
with an abreviated form of the file name next to the button “choose a file”

So click “Upload”

If necessary, click “Close” on the resulting window.

Refresh the subtitles window.

The file text appears in subtitle tracks below the video.

You can correct the text into the blocks
and press "Save" next to the track

To go back to the basic “play” window of the video,
click on the link next to "Subtitles settings for".

It opens a new tab of your browser with the video player

Press play. The subtitles appear in the low part of the video.

If not, press on the white rectangle with CC
in the low right part of the video frame.
Choose your language

The CC symbol becomes highlighted after language choice

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