1. What does it take to make the subtitles
of "Out with Dad" episodes into your language?

Roughly said, all you have to do as translator is:
* to open the file received from Jason
* replace the original english text by your translation
* send the translation back

1. The .srt file making

Don't worry, there is no need to wonder about "how do I make the synchonization of the subtitles?"

In an idea of standardization, this step is cared about, into English language,
by the synchronizer, presently Michel Cantigneaux (French-speaking Belgian, fluent at English).
He prepares a subtitle file, more precisely, called an .srt file.

An .srt file is a specialized text file made of timecodes blocks, composed by :
1. An order number - 2. start & end timecodes - 3. the subtitles text,
blocks separated from each other by a compulsory spacing line

2. Jason revises the file

So, the synchronizer sends the draft propostion of the file to Jason
(the name of it ends by "English for Translation.srt").

Jason makes all the corrections he deems necessary.

Typically, the subtitles have 2 aims :
* translation into other languages
* accessibility to the deaf community.

So its content is :
* a. The text of the dialogues, of course (to be translated)
* b. Some extra elements between brackets aimed at the deaf community like "[sigh]" or "[the cell-phone rings]" (to be translated)
* c. Some elements of text, written into the video, that deserves translating (to be translated)
* d. Sometimes, "erasable notes to translators", an extra info in order to ease the translation of very particular elements (to be ERASED)

3. Jason sends the file to the translators

That step includes you if you decide to become a translator of "Out With Dad"

Next to Gwen (& Elina) fo Dutch, Juliane for German and Denise for Brazilian Portuguese .
Next to Natiuxx / Hansel (so far) for Spanish, Matilde for Italian, Petr for Czech and Lenia for Greek.

And next to beginning translators Emir for Season 1 in Turkish, Sandy for Season 1 in Chinese & Carol for some European Portuguese (a few S4 episodes)
next to beginning translators Nadin for some Hungarian & Sapir for some Hebrew
and aspiring translator Ahmed for Arabic.

It also included Nebojsa for Croatian and "Lyubov" for Russian.
New translators in those 2 languages are welcome.

And this also includes the synchronizer, Michel Cantigneaux who:
* prepares the "English for Upload.srt" file (this one doesn't contain the points c and d here above)
* The French translation file, for he is also our translator for French language.
* The Esperanto translation file, for he is also, since recently, our translator for Esperanto language too.

4. It is your turn : translate and send back to Jason

As said above, all you have to do as translator is:
* to open the file received from Jason
* replace the original english text by your translation

The simplest and surer text program to do so is the mere "Windows Notepad", if you have a Windows-operated computer.
But any text file reading program works as well in general.
Althought these may sometimes generate some trouble-making elements, such as stylized apostrophes.

Read very carefully the tips about .srt files gathered into this page.

Generally summarized,
* make the translation on a copy of the file, so you always have the original.
* replace for this copy, the file name ending "- English for Translation.srt" by your language name (in English) : "- Greek.srt", "- Spanish.srt".
* don't touch the order number or the timecodes structure
* leave a spacing line between blocks, without character on it (not even a space character)
* if you have a local alphabet language, make sure you save the file in "UTF-8" format, to secure its saving

Example in French:

Once done, send it back to Jason Leaver (E-mail address) and Michel (E-mail address).
Either of them will upload the subtitles on the video [ as soon as possible to them (Jason is a very busy guy)].

Which languages have we got already?

We have already full or partial translation :
* Germanic Languages : English, Dutch, German
* Romance Languages : French, (European & Brazilian) Portuguese, Spanish, Italian
* Languages in Eastern Europe : Czech, Russian (S1 & S2), Croatian (partial), Hungarian (started) & Greek (nearly complete)
* Asian Languages (in very recent development) : Turkish (started), Chinese (started), Hebrew (trailers) & Arabic (promised but not effective)
* Other Languages (in very recent development) : Esperanto (S1, S2, VDs, S3 to 3.07, Ep 4.17 to 4.23)

Check the progression in those languages on this page

New languages development.

* A new translator for Brazilian Portuguese has recently been found to complete parts of S.3 & S4 (yet done) & Video Diaries in this variant.

  Rem: so far, the Portuguese subtitles were mainly "Brazilian" subtitles. But a former translator couldn't devote her time anymore.
  Luckily, a new translator has recently been found and is working on Season 3, to catch up things.
  Earlier, an European Portuguese translator has been appointed. She yet translated some S.4 episodes.
  But, on long term, she would translate all the episodes in European Portuguese.

* We have Chinese for full Season 1 yet, Turkish for full Season 1 yet,
   Hungarian & Hebrew for a few trailers so far. (Candidacy for Catalan never follow through)

* A translator for Arabic had been found but nothing is effective yet, sadly.

Which languages would we welcome?

Well, any language is welcome, really.

To complete yet existing languages,
* A new translator in Russian is welcome to complete Video Diaries, S3 & S4.
  Rem: We worryingly have no more feedback from our former Russian translator since she completed S.2 subtitles

* A new translator in Croatian is welcome to complete many episodes of S1, all S2, All Video Diaries, part of S3 & all S4.

We could then have:
* Scandadinavian & Baltic languages (none so far),
* more Eastern Europe languages,
* Asian languages (These are just starting with Arabic & Hebrew)

We don't target any particular language, but Persian, Hindi & Japanese would be major & welcome languages.

Find the progression of OWD languages on this Twitter account page

The world of Out With Dad :

Red: English - Blue: French - Dark Purple: English + French - Light blue: Dutch -
Yellow: Spanish - Dark Green: Portuguese - Duck Green: Italian
Black: German - Bright Green: Czech - Light purple: Russian - Carnation : Croatian - Very Dark Green: Hungarian
Grayish blue: Greek - Dark Pink : Turkish - Brown: Arabic - Apple Green: Hebrew - Orange : Chinese

For more detailed maps : click here

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