2. How to upload an .SRT file on Youtube ?
(updated as of September 2015)

Prepare the .srt files in a given folder of you computer
Log in to your Youtube profile to be well
recognized as owner of the channel.
Go to the concerned video or episode.

This example is an English-speaking Canadian video
(in connection to LGBT-themed webseries "Out with Dad")

Screen Captures by and courtesy of
© Jason Leaver, Creator/Director of "Out with Dad"

Click on the “CC button” among the buttons under (and outside) the video frame
CC is the 6th and last one.

These buttons appear only under your videos
if connected as channel owner.

This leads to :
* point 4bis (set video language)
* or directly to point 5.a. ("subtitles manager").
A frame “Set video language” may ask to set the language of the video.

If so, click on "Select language"
choose the pertinent language among propositions
(or type it in the “Search 1xx other languages” box)

and click “Set language”.

In our example, we choose or type “English” or “English (Canada)”
It leads to a page with the video on the left
and a button “Add a new subtitle or CC” on the right.

If you come from point 4bis, note that the mention of the Video language now appears at the right down corner of the video. It can always be modified by clicking on "Change language".

Click on the “Add a new subtitle or CC” button and select the needed language
(or type it in the “Search 1xx other languages” box).
It shows a “Select a method” page.
Click on “Upload a file”.
It shows a frame “Upload a file”.
Choose the file type “Subtitle file” by clicking
into the circle ahead that line
(“transcript” was the default position).

Rem : the “Upload” button below on the right
is not highlighted and is pale blue.
Click on the “choose a file” button.
Pick the needed file from your computer folders.

When confirmed and back to the page, it shows a line
with an abreviated form of the file name next to the button “choose a file”
and the “Upload” button gets bluer-highlighted.

So click “Upload”.
The file text is uploaded in a few seconds
and appear in blocks next to the video (on the right).

But this is still a draft
(that you can check on the video by pressing “play”)
and even correct the text into the blocks !

Confirm finally with “Publish” to finish the procedure.
Congratulations, the subtitles file is uploaded
and shown as a rectangular button with a green light,
as the page is back to point 5a presentation.

restart with another language from point n°5b.

To go back to the basic “play” window of the video, click on
the “cornered” arrow button on the right upper side of the 5a window.
Rem : It shows a “Back to Watch” info-bubble when the mouse pointer is on the arrow.
Press play. The subtitles appear in the low part of the video.

If not, press on the white rectangle symbol
in the low right part of the video frame.

The symbol is not highlighted and becomes so after clicking

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